About Us


Children’s Arts Theatre 儿童艺苑 , fondly referred to as “拍拍手Pai Pai Shou” by many of our students, is an exclusive Chinese Cultural Enrichment Centre in Singapore.

Founded in 1988 by Veteran dramatists Yang Fan 杨帆 and Chak Chee Yoke 翟志玉, with a mission of helping toddlers and children inculcate the love for the Chinese Language and its rich culture.

At Children’s Arts Theatre, our mission is not only to teach kids and students to speak fluent Mandarin with the correct intonation, but also to appreciate and enjoy the rich Chinese culture and traditions. Using Speech and Drama as a bridge to learn Mandarin, enrichment classes are never boring with our extensive variety of activities ranging from Reciting of Rhymes, Poetry, Tongue Twisters, Music and Movement, Arts and Craft, and even Story-Telling With our strong belief that learning should be fun, we encourage our students to be creative and inquisitive.

Our Children’s Arts Theatre family is going strong with over 500 students ranging from toddlers of 3 years old from kindergarten, preschool and up to teenagers in Secondary School. Apart from Speech and Drama, we also have a Creative Writing program to achieve all-rounded learning of the Chinese language.

LOVE CHINESE AND APPRECIATE ITS CULTURE 爱上华文华语 – that is our hope for every child