Our Founder

Yang Fan 杨帆  programs Zhai Zhi Yu  翟志玉

Veteran dramatists who have an extensive experience spanning for more than 40 years on stage, radio, television, dubbing, commercial productions, voice training, public speaking and in the art of teaching drama.

The pair grew up on stage with the famous local drama troupe CHILDREN’S PLAY HOUSE 儿童剧社 and YOUTH PLAY HOUSE 青年剧社 in the 60’s up to the 70’s. From acting on stage, they moved to radio dubbing and television production, recording numerous popular dramas for the youth and students.

In what they call 文化传承 (Passing on the Culture), the husband and wife duo founded Children’s Arts Theatre, wanting to impart to children what they have learned and benefited from the art of drama.

Into CAT’s 27th year, the passion still burns strong as our founders continue their day-to-day teaching, imparting their love and knowledge for the Chinese language and culture to their students.

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